Sands of the Earth


A couple weeks ago while at the beach, I found myself staring intently on the sand encasing my legs. There were specks of all different sizes and colors collectively creating the beauty which I was immensely enjoying. I began to ponder…

The world we live in is becoming increasingly dis-harmonic. The daily onslaught of fear campaign being continuously blasted through every media channel is enough to unsettle anyone. For me there is a sense of discord, a sense of impending change, and a sense of tension between people. Do you feel it too?

When I speak to people I tend to catch them off guard with my forwardness and directness. I openly speak to new people in the same manner as I would if I had known them for ages. This usually causes them to respond as if shocked. Why do we not talk to each other in this day and age? Why is it that we view ourselves as separate? I think that no matter the scale that we consider this issue on, whether it is between to mothers watching their children play on the playground or between persons of different religions, races, or nationalities; we tend to believe in and be ruled by this sense of separateness. That belief that we are not alike is fueled by one thing: Fear. Fear has set in so deeply and entirely that we not distrust our neighbors, our communities, and of course anyone unfamiliar to us.

And why wouldn’t we be afraid? Every day we hear of terrible things happening both far away and at home. Cars broken into, children abused, bombs going off, constant wars, constant violence, constant debauchery. What’s more is that our leadership seems to be failing us as well. The elections have been rigged, the parties are following their own erroneous agendas, ministers and pastors are being found our for committing heinous acts all over, police officers are going around breaking laws they are sworn to uphold. It’s like the whole world has gone mad. Now that is not to say that ALL of any of these groups are bad, corrupt or otherwise; but why are these types of shocking and terrible things happening daily? And just how on earth are you supposed to trust anyone when these things are so pervasive?

Even beyond that we are hearing the shouts and uproar from so many sub-groups to our American whole. So many people are routinely mistreated simply because they are different. I will be honest here, 2 years ago I had no idea that any of these things were still issues. I believed that racial differences were entirely a by-gone issue. I believed that the civil rights movement had made the necessary changes and that now all groups were being treated fairly and justly. Maybe there were issues between legal and illegal residents, but surely all citizens born to this country were granted the same rights and privileges. I believed that native treaties were of course being honored, and that it was ludicrous to assert otherwise. I was naive, and I was wrong. By listening, and reading and opening my eyes to what is truly going on I have seen that in many cases this is not the case.

Beyond the troubles brewing locally, there are global woes that weigh heavy on my heart as well. When we see the news stories and video’s from war zones I am constantly reminded that those victims ARE in a very real sense ME. Those children covered in ashes are my children, their dead mothers, brothers, fathers, sons…they are my family. The devastation of their homes, is a devastation of my home as well. I cry for those children, I cry for those mothers and fathers. I cry and I hope to god you cry too. In other nations poverty is raging chaos amongst  our people. Children are starving, literally starving to death. There is a lack of clean drinking water, even here at home. The ideals of capitalism manifest such drastic dichotomies that there are those in the world with more than any one person could ever need or want it is sickening, while millions others die for their lack of sustenance. This makes me physically ill. In the midst of all this chaos and woe there are wild groups of villains running rampantly through these area’s raiding, murdering, and terrorizing our brethren.

Why do we allow this to continue? And that’s it isn’t it; WE ALLOW THIS REALITY TO EXIST AND BY OUR CHOICES WE CONDONE IT.

I do not have the answers, but I do know this: we must start making choices. Like the billions of tiny fragments in the sand; we are one people coming together to create the whole of humanity. The sand is not one bit, but billions and without it’s diversity it would not be as beautiful. If we wish to create a world of peace and beauty, we must vote with our dollars and our ballots; but mostly our dollars. We must choose to stop funding the global cancer that is killing our people and planet alike. We must choose to mend our neighborhoods and communities. Judge value not by currency but by what is RIGHT what is JUST and what is sensible. Is the convenience of plastic silverware worth the pollution of waterways? Is the I Phone 7 worth the exploitation of the workers who built it? We must choose.

And we must pray. Regardless of what religion you follow, or what your beliefs are; science has proven that the electromagnetic field generated by our hearts directly affects the quantom-physical reality we exist within and that by focusing intention, thought, and feeling we have the ability to alter that reality. That’s all prayer really is isn’t it? A focusing of the mind and heart towards the untangeble force that surrounds us. So pray, meditate, and ponder. Will into existence the reality you desire; and move through that process by living the changes you wish to see.



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