Week Before School Madness

This week has been a doozy. It was the last week before the school year starts and it has been one of the most productive weeks of our summer. The pocket clothes system is working out nicely, I finally got around to making the seed & nut butter I spoke about a couple weeks ago, which turned out absolutely delicious; we updated our growth charts (tutorial here); I made and canned 9 1/2 quarts of marinara (I plan on making at least 20 more before the end of the month); made chicken bullion; melted down the last of the raw honey that had crystallized, got the arbor fence panels made and ready to put up, and made 3 quarts of kick-ass hash although one of the three jars broke during canning which is a bummer. We also had the opportunity to crew on a hot air balloon! I did this frequently in my youth, but it was the first time I have made it out in years and the boys first time ever: crewing is AMAZING!


I was asked this week why I bother canning. One of the things that is important to me is making sure my family is provided for no matter the circumstances. For this reason I like to keep a 3 month pantry, and eventually through gardening and storing our bounty I want to upgrade that to a full year pantry. There are a few reasons that this is important to me.

First is natural disaster. When we lived in Hawaii we had 2 Tsunami close-calls. During those times when I went to the store to stock up on water and supplies; the shelves were wiped completely clean and there was nothing in the way of necessities. This made an impression on me. If you wait until the moment of disaster to gather necessities you will be left in a lurch.

Second is income loss. We recently lost our business. Which means we lost a stream of income. While this is not our only income it has affected us. Having a 3 month pantry allows me to make sure that my family is well fed, maintains nutritional balance, and we do not have to go without during times of challenge. Like the Mormons say having a well stocked pantry allows us to live without fear and that is literally the key to a happy and healthy life.

Third for nutrition and flavor. We  visited family a couple months ago and they were telling us about the farmer across the road who was having a hard time selling his wheat. Do you know why he was having a hard time? Because the wheat had too many nutrients. WHAT! Yes, this farmer could not sell his wheat because it was too nutritious and that meant that companies would not be able to sell as much to consumers. Let that sink in for just a moment guys…we are intentionally being fed nutritionally poor foods in order to ensure that we purchase more food. That my friend is bullshit.

Fourth as a form of corporate and political protest. Time and time again we see companies put profit above all else. Above the health and safety of their customers, above the health and safety of the planet (the ONLY known planet that supports our variety of life by the way). Above the health and safety of their workers. Our government has largely failed to regulate corporations, and in fact is so sold out that they routinely allow lobbyists and big business to write laws, reform policies, and run departments all for the benefit of who? Greed driven corporate overlords I mean economic drivers. I for one am fed up with being poisoned, taken advantage of, and having my values completely trampled on by these companies so I choose to divest. By reclaiming my own food chain I declare my independence from these destroyers of worlds and by voting with my dollar I choose to say no. My name is NO, my number is NO….I digress.

With that food for thought I leave you with the recipes for my 7 Nut & Seed Butter and my Kick-Ass Hash. As well as some pictures of the Hot Air Balloon launch 🙂





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