Cascadian Revolution: The Rise of a New Nation


America will go the way of Rome, it is only a matter of time; and unfortunately our time is near an end. There is increasing descent amongst the American Public. Approval ratings for the United States are at an all-time low, with Congress raking in a meager 7% approval rating and the Supreme Court barely keeping afloat at 30%. Think about that for a moment; an overwhelming two-thirds of Americans are not happy with the highest court of law in this country! We have weathered decades of wars, civil injustices, human rights struggles, and an increasingly disconnected and corrupt government. People are hurting, they are tired; we long for peace and equality. We need harmony; with each other and with the earth. We need balance and fairness; we need autonomy and mutual cooperation. Why is this so hard? Why is our united government not fulfilling these needs? Why!? As a continent we have all of the resources, all of the manpower, and all of the conditions we need to make these changes reality. So what is the problem?


The Fed has chosen to honor the will of banks and soul-less corporations over the will of the citizen. These corporations are nothing more than business identities run by ever changing conglomerates of individuals with only one goal in mind: more. More products, more useless worthless trinkets, more money… more money…more money! This is the ideology of cancer; where the individuals of the conglomerate follow the multiplication ideology of more, and that ideology drives all unified action. Think about it for just a moment; don’t you think we have enough cars already!? Don’t you think we have depleted our resources enough? The reason that the mutation and conglomeration of cells in the body, determined to reproduce incessantly, is so deathly is because this ideology quickly begins to destroy the other cells around the conglomerate and will not stop until there is nothing more to consume and the body dies. Cancer eats up and corrupts everything nearby, and it poisons the body of the whole with its toxic emissions. Cancer kills, it demolishes, it obliterates.

So how does the body fight disease? How are we: the people of this land, the individual cells of this diseased body; how are we going to fight this disease? What do we do?

The answer is simple; rally and we act together. We close ourselves off from the spread of this disease, and attack with vigor those cells which threaten our wellness. We plug in to our communities, we collectivize under a new ideology and we reclaim our land, our culture, and our humanity. We stand together and face our monumental challenges head on. We band together based on a shared ecosystem. We band together as a group of people who respect and honor the diversity and complexity of this region. We say enough is enough, and change the way we do things. We live the ideology of holism, inter-connectivity, and responsibility.

bikeflagThe beauty of this solution, is that we already have a vibrant community here in the Pacific Northwest! We are leaders and innovators in the sustainability movement. We fight social injustices head on. We act already! Now all we need is to unite under a single shared identity that represents all of us and our commitment to meaningful change. We need one path, one cause that encompasses all of the causes. We need to act in unison; we need to declare our independence.

We need Cascadia and we need it now!

Once we come together as a bio-regionally defined nation our voices can be heard more clearly. Instead of shouting at Washington that we need change, we can blow-open the door of change here at home. We can focus on environmentalism, we can focus on the wise management of natural resources, and we can build local food systems and economy. We can act quickly to the challenges we face and make huge changes in very short periods of time. We can show the world that we are connected to our roots and from that place of connection we sprout a beautiful and miraculous future. We can break free of the grid-locked political system we find ourselves subjugated by and pave a new path, create a new normal, and become the people we were always destined to be. We can make a difference, and we can make it right now! All we need is Cascadia!



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