Crayon Growth Chart … 3 Years Later!

Wow! Time truly flies doesn’t it!?! In the last three years our business has grown, our children have grown, and our relationship has reached levels I would never have expected and I truly, deeply appreciate it. We have been faced with life-changing medical conditions, mental health conditions, trials and tribulations; and have been blessed beyond measure throughout. I have changed in more ways than one over the course of these challenges; but I believe that I am better for it, and that each step is just one more in my journey to grow and develop.

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you the development of the melted crayon growth charts for each of the minions. You can read the original post here! These charts are constantly a point of interest when we have guests over. It is amazing how simple and yet fun and creative these charts are and I cannot wait until they continue to fill with colorful memory splashes. Without further ado…



These beauties bring a smile to my heart every time I look at them. As does all of the artwork, shelves, decor I have painstakingly made for our home.

Much love, blessed be, and Namaste ❤


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