Is it too early to start planning Thanksgiving? I think not!

I love planning parties and gatherings and aside from weddings, holidays are my favorite things to plan. This year is the first year that I have owned a house and in celebration of this my intention is to host Thanksgiving dinner. I am so excited! In the spirit of this celebration of new things I am going to be doing something different from my families traditions. My goal is to refresh and “fancify” our thanksgiving and breathe new life, healthier meal options, and still keep the traditional elements.

My family traditionally serves Thanksgiving as a buffet style feast, but I think it would be fun to serve everything in courses seven courses to be exact. Fancy schmancy right? Not really, but it certainly sounds better. It is the same amount of work for me, with just a little bit of extra fun in plating and design yay! Plus it allows me to decorate the table since I won’t need the space for all the dishes.

Are you dying to hear the preliminary menu?? Well, okay, I guess I will share it.

Course 1 (Appetizer) Stuffed Baby Portabello Mushrooms

Course 2 (Soup) Butternut Bisque

Course 3 (Salad) Pumpkin Risotto

Course 4 (Palate Cleanser) Cranberry Lime Sorbet

Course 5 (Poultry/Veg) Buttermilk Herb Turkey (brine its all about the brine, I’ll post more about it I promise), rosemary roasted red potatoes, parsnips, and other root veggies

Course 6 (Meat/Veg) Ham with bacon Brussels sprouts, yam and carrot mash

Course 7 (Dessert) I plan on setting up a dessert table for this part full of bite sized/mini versions of sugared, carmel, and pastry Pears; Pumpkin Moose Tarts; Cream Cheese and Butterscotch Pumpkin “pies”; Apple Pecan “Pies”; Just plain Pumpkin pie (for my love); Chocolate Martinis!

So who’s hungry!


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