Weight Loss Journey: Week 9


Big week! This week I lost an additional 5 pounds! This is right on track for my newly adjusted weight loss goals and it brings my total weight loss to 14 pounds, which means I am officially at the “most weight lost” point in my journey! It feels so good to be back on point. I did pretty good diet wise with three diversions. What I realized this week though is that I feel horrible when I eat junk food. For the first four days of the week I did not eat any fast food, I kept my grain consumption minimal, and I cut out most processed foods and sugar. Then on the fourth day I got lazy and went for fast food while I was out doing errands. I felt nauseous, got an almost instant headache, felt groggy and sluggish. It was awful but I didn’t put it together that time. The next day same thing, I was out, got hungry and didn’t feel like eating a salad (which in retrospect I should have gotten instead) and again nauseous, headache, groggy and sluggish. I still didn’t get the point. Then the last day I went to a bachelorette party where everyone was drinking soda, alcohol, and pizza and when I opted out initially I felt so awkward that I ended up drinking in moderation and having a slice and again nauseous, headache, groggy and sluggish,well at least until we went dancing. I have learned my lesson. It simply isn’t worth how crappy I feel and how majorly that cheeseburger throws off my calorie count for the day. In one meal from the drive through I use my entire days worth of allotted calories! Or I can eat oatmeal with English style tea, fruit, veggies, a large Caesar salad, green smoothie, steak with skinny mash, and sugar free ice cream. I think I would rather be able to eat five healthy delicious meals and ice cream then one un-healthy not-nearly-as satisfying-as-I-thought-it-would-be “craving” meal.

In other news, I need a belt. I have been walking around trying to hold my pants on because with every step they try to fall off. I think this is my favorite problem to have. Oh I also did a simulation of my body transformation with before and after images and saved it as my desktop picture to serve as motivation.

Here’s what that looked like.


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