Melting Growth Chart DIY

As a mom, and an Army wife I have been thinking since the time I got pregnant with my first son on how to incorporate normal kid things in my children’s life with our ever changing surroundings. Some things I could not plan on being normal, like having friends for long periods of time because as military life goes people come and people go and that is just part of the life style. On a trip home to visit my husband’s grandfather our boys both got measured on the family growth wall. This wall is amazing, it has growth measurements from three generations of family and extended family. As amazing it was for our kids to make it on the wall, it made me sad that our children won’t get the measuring post or door because we would be moving. So I decided right then and there I was going to make a chart for each of our boys that will travel with us and be durable and stylish enough for me to want to display it where ever we end up. I wanted something artsy, not too literal, colorful, and full of the each boys unique personality.

We have all seen this photo right?

but have you seen this one?

Now you have!

This is what served as my inspiration. I have started my boys growth charts which will be a 18 year long living growing art piece that they will take with them to their next house (if they want). I think that the coolest thing about this idea, for me at least, is that it will always be changing and allowing the boys to pick their color crayon when they are old enough to make a decision will give a clue to who the boys were at the moment they are measured. Also if I get really crafty I can include extra drawings or paintings interspersed with the crayon melting’s. So here is my DIY for how to make your own!

You will need:

A large canvas (my husband is 6’4 and his relatives are all tall as are all my family members so I got 7′ by 2′ canvases at 50% off too!)

A box of crayons ($0.25 also on sale)

Old hair dryer

Hot glue gun with at least one glue stick


Your child

Patience and a sense of humor


Start by choosing colors and peeling the paper off the crayons you are going to use, or having your child choose his own color.

Set your canvase on the floor standing straight up against a wall and have your child stand heals against it as straight as they can. Mark the top of their head with a single light line in sharpie at whatever position horizontally you want your crayon to be at. (I am using a zig-zag pattern to stagger my crayons so I can get maximum melt each time)

Then using your handy dandy hot glue gun (which you have plugged in and ready to go because you are that kind of awesome) apply a thin bead of glue to your crayon being careful not to touch the glue gun to the crayon because it melts the wax and then your glue won’t stick to the crayon rather slide off and stick to your skin (hot and not very fun, lesson learned the hard way)

Very quickly stick that crayon on the line you marked for your child’s height.

Now let everything cool for a few minuets.  It should look something like this

(There are two crayons on the same level because my son didn’t grow at all for a while but he is back on track now)

Once everything is entirely cooled begin heating the crayons one at a time with the blow dryer. I would start on your lowest blowing speed until you have a good solid amount of melting going on and the melting connects to the canvas all the way across. The reason for this is I discovered that high speed blowing will blow the melting crayon right off the glue and onto random places on the canvas or your carpet ( I have the blue carpet stain to prove it haha).

Oh and remember the air will send molten crayola flying so make sure you and your kids are at a reasonably safe distance away (I just did this part during their nap time)

More melting….you get the point

Once you have started to melt the crayons you want to step back and take a look at the canvas from a distance every so often so you can make sure it is looking right to you and make adjustments as you go.

  This was my first step back to take a look and I decided that the drips needed to be longer. (See the blue smudge from the crayon dislodging and falling down?)

A little while later…


The boys pretty much think these are the coolest thing ever.


A tip though, don’t do a dark color above a lighter color. See the grey above the yellow? When the grey melted it also sort of melted the yellow and then the air blew the two together and I got this weird looking area. Learn from my errors haha. I think that within the next week or so I will be putting either a monogram in the lower right corners of each chart or a silhouette figure. A monogram would be less unique because my boys have the same initials, but at this age I’m not sure a silhouette would look right. When I figure out exactly what is going to go there I will write an update, but for right now this is where the charts are at.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to pin!



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