Weight Loss Journey Week 8

Okay we are at the two month mark here people. When I started I was hoping to be 40lbs lighter by now, be working out a minimum of 1 hr a day with 1 rest day, and be well on my way to changing my body and my lifestyle for good.

Am I where I thought I would be? No. Am I happy with the direction I am going in. Yes. This week I lost, not a ton, but I did lose weight; 1 pound to be exact. That brings my total to 9 pounds lost. Which means that I am actually 3 pounds heavier than I was at my one month mark. Sigh. This is proving to be quite a lot harder than I first expected. This is proving to be very emotional as well.

Right now I think it is time for me to make some adjustments to my goals. It is clear that at this point losing 20 pounds a month is unrealistic. So I think I am going to readjust to losing 16 pounds a month. I think that if I work really hard and do not deviate from my diet I can achieve this. I have also come to the conclusion that I am not going to eat ANY more fast food. This is major. In the last four years (basically since I got pregnant with my first son) my husband and I have been steadily increasing how much fast food we eat, mainly because we are being lazy and don’t want to cook (or rather we don’t like doing the dishes after we cook.) This week that really hit me as the cause for my obesity (yes the dreaded “o” word.) I was taking a good hard look at my body and wondering how on earth I let myself get this gross. How could I not see what was happening and why didn’t I put a stop to it much sooner. I think that I just turned a blind eye to it because I wanted to eat what I craved every time without doing anything active. I gave my whims priority over my body and my body lost.

My focus this week is to be more active, to move faster in my day to day activities, reign in my portion sizes and to make one good decision at a time. I will choose the turkey sausage over the pork sausage, the salad over the sandwich, the water over the soda. I am hoping that focusing on one decision at a time will help solidify the life style changes and keep me from getting overwhelmed and discouraged.

For other health reasons (specifically my issue with migraines) I am also going to attempt to limit my grain intake as for me they are inflammatory and cause more issues than they are worth.

Thank you for continuing to read these, even though they are not always super exciting.


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