Rock-Paper-Scissors= Life Changing

Who hasn’t played a game of rock paper scissors in their life? When I played this game as a kid I had no idea of how powerful it would be later when I had kids. So how in the world is rock paper scissors a game changer? Come sit at my campfire child, let me teach you what I know. Every parent had those things that need to be done that you just don’t want to do. In my house those things are getting up at 3 am to put our 2 year old back in his bed after he crawled into ours, doing the dishes (we both hate this chore), and poopy diapers (ewwe). How do we determine who will get saddled with these “undesirables” rock paper scissors. Yes, we do this.

Before we found rock paper scissors we tried taking turns, or taking days, or even just bartering (I’ll do a for x amount of b). None of those ways left both of us happy. With rock paper scissors we both feel like we have a reasonable shot of getting out of the undesirable task, and we both have good streaks and bad streaks. I think for us its about the friendly competition. We like the competition, we have been playing this game for years and we both thrive on it. For us there is nothing better than winning and having the other person get stuck doing what we both didn’t want to do. We do 1 for diapers, 2 out of 3 for dishes, and 1 for putting our oldest back in his own bed.

Our kids even like to play rock paper scissors with each other. For them it is an exciting game to see who be getting up and loving on them while they get a clean butt.

I hope this is helpful to you, or at the very least somewhat entertaining. Thanks for reading! Feal free to pin (wink wink) I am working on adding a pin button.


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