Destination Mommy

One of the things I feel really passionately about and have been wanting to blog about for a while is motherhood. Even though I am so passionate about it and I really want to share what I have learned, and what I am still learning, I have been procrastinating writing this post for a month. Why you ask? Because, I was hoping that in the time I was procrastinating I would suddenly lose all my faults and become the mythical figure “Super mom.” That didn’t happen. So instead I decided that I will blog honestly and admit all those little failures that every mom I know tries so very hard to pretend do not exist. Now not all mom’s have the same failings, so I am in no way saying that what happens with me happens to everyone; but, I feel it is important to blog about the good things and the bad because that’s life. There are good days that are nearly magical in their simple perfection and there are pull-my-hair-out stab-me-in-the-eye bad days.

So what are my failings? Well there are days where I lose my temper, there are days when I forgo cleaning in favor of anything else, days where I get overwhelmed with my kids, days where the only thing I want to do is drop the kids off at the babysitters for a couple of hours so I can regain my sanity, and days where the screaming (even if they are just playing and screaming which is like their favorite game) drives me up a frackin’ wall and I put them to bed oh an hour early just so it can be quiet in the house. There are times where I am overly sensitive ans snap at my kids and my husband and there are times when I yell at them. These are my short comings.

Now, where do I succeed? My kids are happy. This is the first and biggest thing for me. They are generally well behaved and good mannered. They share their toys food and valuables (and not just the undesirable stuff here we’re talking the good stuff like that special toy or the chocolate bar), they are sweet and loving more often than they are acting bratty. Both kids have above average vocabulary for their age and they both have good motor skills (which in a 2 year old and a 1 year old is really great.) My kids never go hungry, and they have a good routine (most days.) My kids already are developing good work ethics and understand that they are part of a whole and they must contribute for the whole to function. These behaviors in my kids are what I consider to be my successes.

As I continue to write about parenting I plan to pick one topic and then post about what I have learned through my parenting with my kids. Hopefully I can save you all some hassle and heartbreak and maybe even make you laugh.

Thank you for reading


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