Weight Loss Journey : Week 3

So as y’all know last week was a disappointing week for me and I was determined on Monday that no matter what I was going to do better this week and have a loss. Well guess what happened. I did it! I stuck with my diet and worked out hard for all of my workouts and you know what happened? I LOST 7 POUNDS!!! No shit, holy crap, pigs must be flying people! 7! That is huge! In addition to this I took my measurements this week. Now, again, there is no way at this point I am going to give you starting numbers that is way to embarrassing. That said in the last month I have lost 5 inches off my bum!! AAAHHHH! Okay I would have more amazing results but last month when I was measuring I got so upset when I saw my hip measurement I just stopped. This time however I measured my arms, breasticles, rib cage, hips and thighs so next month I will be able to report my shocking and amazing inch loss.

So what changed this week? Exercise, exercise, and more exercise. This week my sister, bless her heart, has been doing my workouts with me. This is awesome because she doesn’t let me quit on myself and she isn’t flaky so she doesn’t let me call off or use the “I don’t feel well enough” excuse and she pushes me hard, really hard. This week we worked out five days for an hour each day and we made sure to burn a minimum of 700 calories but averaging 1100 calories and our most intense workout we burned 1440 calories (that day sucked, but was good for me so I did it.) We did a mix of cardio and weight training alternating leg days with arm and abb days. Also I tried to stick very closely to my diet plan, with a few infractions. I would emphatically call this week a success! Thanks all for listening!


One thought on “Weight Loss Journey : Week 3

  1. Sounds like fun. It is good to have a partner or someone to motivate you. I used to be a CFL, so it was my job to motivate people. I allways felt like a bad guy and I know in that moment that people would hate me but when they passed their fitness tests or put on thier uniform and it fit better, it made me feel good about what I had done.

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