Weight Loss Journey: Week 2

Well today marks the first day of week three of my weight loss journey which also makes it weigh-in day for week two. In the spirit of being honest and accountable, I am sad to say I gained 1 pound this week đŸ˜¦ . As disappointed as I was to see that this morning, I understand what got me here. I only completed my workout once this week, and only started it three times out of my scheduled six. I also ate fast food out of convenience/laziness four times. With each fast food meal racking up at least 700 calories a piece it is no surprise that I gained weight. It is really a miracle that I ONLY gained weight. Other factors that probably contributed to my weight gain include my youngest son’s birthday party Sunday where I ate cake and drank a good amount of home made “bubble tea water”. I promised myself I wouldn’t eat any cake or icing while making the cake and cupcakes and cake pops (which turned out to be an epic FAIL) but that promise only lasted until I got frosting on my hand, then all hope was lost; also T.O.M. hit this week so there is a good amount of water retention going on. These are by no means excuses, I made the choice not to work out and to eat junk food and cake and drink soda so it is my own fault that I gained weight. The purpose of me telling you all this is so that you understand what happened and so I am held accountable to my original promise to blog about both my successes and my failures. Blogging about gaining weight on a weight loss section is a bitter pill to swallow and I am determined not to have to do it again. So what changes have I noticed this week?

Energy level: Better

Physical Changes: I noticed some calf definition this week as well as some bicep definition. Also I noticed some changes around my rib cage, more hour glassy and less “blob from outer space”.

Anyone notice?: Yep, my sister who hadn’t seen me in a week said I was looking thinner :D. She’s not one to sugar coat things with me so I believe her.

Double chin?: Yes, unfortunately still there.

Missing anything?: I had a hard time missing caffeine this week but towards Saturday and Sunday I hardly noticed.

So, after stepping on the scale this morning and receiving disappointing news I did better today. I stuck to my two shakes, two snacks, and one meal diet. Took my fat blaster supplement, and did a full one hour work out with 30 minuets of elliptical (burning about 450 calories) and 30 minuets of this ab work out and an arm work out. According to my MyFitnessPal app that totals nearly 1000 calories burned in 1 hour! Hopefully at next weeks weigh in I will be back on track for my 20 pound goal this month.

Thank you for reading!


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