Weight-Loss Journey: Week 1

Weight loss. Seems like a weird way to start a blog doesn’t it? Well, I’ll be honest it was a hard decision to make. I have so many things I plan on writing about it seems silly to me to start on such a self-centered topic. However, there are a lot of reasons I settled on it.

First, I truly believe that mommies and wives absolutely need to make time to take care of their health and fitness. This has root in logic, common sense, and even the Bible (not that I am religious, but I find a lot of rules and guidelines in religious texts such as the Bible to be reasonable.) If I am sick I do not have the energy and stamina to care for my family the way I know I can. I am more overwhelmed with the day to day things, I have a bad attitude towards doing the things that I know need to be done and I spend more time belly-aching than my kids and husband deserve to listen to. For me being overweight has the potential to be a major health concern, and so for the sake of my kids I need to make it a priority.

Second, my weight has been a life long struggle for me and at the ripe “old” age of 24 I am finally able to stop lying to myself and take the action necessary to fix the problem. I am able to finally distance myself from the emotional baggage that has contributed to my gaining weight and take an objective look at my body, weight, and life stye, stop making excuses and make the changes. Also now that I am not pregnant or breastfeeding anymore I can diet and exercise more freely without risking endangering my children in anyway. Furthermore, now that Cy is one and Charlie is two they both have set nap and bedtimes and I can rely on at least an hour and a half of mommy time to workout and clean the house (Ah-mazing, trust me!)

Thirdly, I started my serious dieting and exercising last week and have been having some seriously nice results so I am excited to share them along with what I am doing to get them.

Finally, it is Monday so I cannot think of a better way to start a weekly series than on the first day of the week.

So, without further ado, I LOST 4 POUNDS LAST WEEK!! Four, not one not two not even three but FOUR! So you ask, how did I achieve this sorcery? Well here’s the breakdown. I started by changing my activity level. We got an elliptical trainer about a month ago off Craigslist (which I love) and have been slowly (really pathetically slow) working up from two minuets on low resistance and no incline to twenty minuets on a resistance of 12 (of 20) and a 25 degree incline. So last week I set my goal, wrote out a timeline, and set a scheduled. I’m not going to tell you what I weighed at the beginning of last week because quite frankly it disgusts me that I let myself get that big (maybe once Im all skinny I will tell but not now) but in the interest of honest I will say that my goal (as absurd as it is) is to lose 160 lbs in eight months. This averages out to twenty pounds a month or four pounds a week. I decided that I was going to increase my workouts from 20 minuets a day to 60 with a format of 20 min. elliptical 20 min. strength building and finish off with another 20 min of elliptical. So without changing what I was eating for the first three days this is what I did. Then I started my diet as well. The goal is to gain as many micro nutrients as possible with the fewest calories and still be able to eat tasty things. For this I started the Herbalife diet. It consists of drinking a protein/vitamin shake (Dutch Chocolate for me!) for two meals a day and eating a normal (healthy) meal once a day. I can also drink as much water as I want and have two snacks (one between each meal.) The goal is to gross only 1560 calories a day between food intake and calories burned with exercise. I use the myfitness.com app to help me track everything. This was the goal at least. I did pretty well with one or two days of going over my calorie allotment (got a craving for Sonic Cheddar bites and icecream…which totally destroyed my calorie count.) I have also been taking “Tight” weight loss aid. It is a pill that promises to help lose stored stubborn fat. My husband heard about it from some of his Army buddies and figured he would get some for me to try (isn’t he helpful and sweet?)

So that’s the breakdown. I will post an update and links to the strength training routines I have been using next week.


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