My oh my here we go!

Hello all,

This is, admittedly, something entirely new to me; blogging that is. I guess I should start with who I am, why I am blogging (rather why you should continue to read my blog hint hint), and what my intentions regarding this blog are.

My name is Ashley (Good start right? I bet you’re just itching to see what I will write next). I am a wife, a mommy, a student, and a home maker. I have been married to my high school sweet heart, CB, for what will be six years this August. Straight up crazy! In a good way, I promise. We have two wonderful little boys, Charlie and Cy. Charlie is at that oh-so-coveted age of two, and Cy is just barely one. I have lived in California, Oregon, Georgia, and Hawaii; having moved eight times in the last four years alone. No I’m not crazy I am an Army wife; or rather my husband was in the Army and was medically retired due to combat related illness and I am not quite sure what that makes me anymore so I will stick to the adage “Once an Army wife, always and Army wife.”  We have, at the moment, a three year old mix breed dog named Buddy who (I am almost certain) is kin to the cowardly lion, as well as four rabbits. I am also in the process of obtaining my first show puppy who will be a pure-bread Rhodesian Ridgeback (Aka lion dog. Perfect match for Buddy right!) I am looking forward to learning and blogging about my experiences showing and competing this dog in lure coursing and possibly agility.

Next question. Why of things do I want to blog about my life? Good question. Well, because my hope is that some of the lessons I have learned as a wife and a mommy may be able to help and encourage others like me. When I was first married, like many young first-time brides I wanted above all else to be the PERFECT wife. I wanted to cook, clean, engage, satisfy, and love unconditionally and without failure or fatigue or even the slightest sign of disorder. I was determined to go from zero to hero as a wife and determined that my actions would endear my husband to me beyond mere human capability. I wanted to be so perfect he would have no other course of action but to grovel at my awesomeness and love me to the point of dribbling on his shirt. Its silly to put it that way, but in my newly-wed stupor I really wanted to be above perfection in everything wifely. Seriously I read books and everything! I quickly learned that this was an impossible goal, even a little bit crazy/ needy/ and even maybe just maybe a bit overwhelming. I did the same thing when I was pregnant with Charlie. Again I learned that there are going to be messes on the floor, poop on clothes, food particles in god-knows where. Hopefully my stories and experiences will entertain you and even help you to avoid my pitfalls.

Intentions. What are my intentions with this blog. I intend to write three or four times a week. I intend to write about my successes and my failures (which is much harder to do). Write about things I’ve cooked, things I’ve made (including DIY tutorials whenever possible), my thoughts, my weight loss journey, child development education and activities, and possibly amusing stories and experiences from the week. I have several ideas about what I want to write about and your feedback will help guide me to what you want to read about (I will try to take hints I promise.) I intend to be honest, and forthright; I hope to be funny and informative; and I aspire to gain your continued readership.

Thank you and welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! (Too much  cheese? Yeah, too cheesy….lets try again.)

Thanks, see you next time!


One thought on “My oh my here we go!

  1. I think it’s really special that you married your HS sweetheart!

    Yes, writing about failure is the toughest of all…I went silent on my blog for 3-4 months because of it. I didn’t really want to expose my shortcomings. But then I decided the whole point of blogging about a weight loss journey is to be open and honest about the highs and lows. I have found that blogging about the ups and downs helps keep me sane through the down parts and keeps me motivated to move on and get to my next “mountain top” experience.

    Best of luck on your journey!

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